Crédit Mutuel Equity assisted in the spin-off of PwC pour les Entrepreneurs, which became the independent firm PKF Arsilon. Its goal: helping business leaders manage and develop their companies in an ever faster evolving environment.

Targeting a specific set of customers, this branch dedicated to accounting, consulting, and auditing for SMEs, family-owned groups, and mid-caps was already enjoying some autonomy within PwC France and Maghreb.

A national firm with a local foothold

In June, it finally took its independence by becoming PKF Arsilon. PwC wanted to refocus its activities in France, according to its new global strategy, but for us being a part of this network meant conflicts of interest and a restriction of our development strategy,” explained Laurent Gravier, President of PKF Arsilon.

PKF Arsilon generates almost €70 million in TO, owns 25 offices in France, has 750 employees and 50 partners. Its goal is to reach €100 million in TO within 5 years, thanks to an external growth program and the implementation of new services meeting the evolving needs of its customers. Projects focusing on digital transformation, extrafinancial performance, asset engineering, and process and information security are notably under study. As supporting international players is an integral part of its DNA, the firm joined PKF International, a global network of legally independent firms, bound by a common commitment to quality, integrity, and transparency.


By taking a stake in PKF Arsilon, Crédit Mutuel Equity assisted in the creation of a firm from one of the “Big Four”, reputed for its know-how and processes. “By fulfilling this spin-off project, the partners have proven their reliability, the quality of their working method and their ability to deliver,” said Quentin Choisnet, Associate for Crédit Mutuel Equity. “The firm has already reached a critical size, and can invest in its own sectoral, digital and HR tools in order to remain agile during its growth,” added Jean-Baptiste Champeau, Principal for Crédit Mutuel Equity. “The managers have both the ambition and credibility required to accelerate their external growth strategy, which we will be supporting on the long term.”

For Laurent Gravier, this partnership seemed obvious. “We have found in Crédit Mutuel Equity a listening partner, adhering to our global project, actively assisting us in our external growth and committed on the long term. The expertise held by Crédit Mutuel Equity in our sector is a real asset, because our interlocutors understand our approach.”

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