For over four decades, we have been helping start-ups, SMEs, and mid-size companies grow, innovate, and transform themselves.

As a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, France’s largest “mission-driven” bank, we believe that entrepreneurs need time to realise their visions.

Working closely with them, we invest our own capital, which gives us greater flexibility and independence so that we can be there for as long as necessary.

Each of the 350 companies that we support is unique: in terms of its size, its sector, its maturity, its plans, its culture, and more. While respecting companies for what they are, we get involved to help them reach new stages of economic, social, and environmental development.

We foster close relationships with management teams. Being responsive and involved, we are an active partner with high standards, displaying solidarity and courage in both good times and in periods of uncertainty.

We challenge entrepreneurs with humility, without interfering in their day-to-day management. The governance that we establish aims to be balanced, effective, and constructive, with the goal of sustaining and accelerating the growth of companies, all while ensuring a fair distribution of value creation among all stakeholders, including employees.

Our offering

Venture capital

Our Venture capital teams support start-up technology companies throughout their different growth stages, from seed phase to more mature projects.

  • Equity check: from 1 to €20m
  • Assets: €150m
  • Portfolio companies: 50
  • Industries: Life Sciences, IoT, IT, Electronics, CleanTech, ...

Growth capital

Minority growth capital—Crédit Mutuel Equity's core historical business—enables companies to pass the formative milestones of their growth strategies, supported by flexible capital that is adapted to the industrial horizon of their projects.

  • Equity check: from 5 to €150m
  • Assets: €1.8bn
  • Portfolio companies: 200


We structure majority buyouts that ensure the company's long-term viability, in one or several stages.

  • Equity check: from 5 to €150m
  • Assets: €600m
  • Portfolio companies: 100

4 Mds de capitaux

350 participations

+80 investisseurs

5 pays


As a socially engaged investor, we have a vision for useful, sustainable, balanced, human-centric investment.

We believe in a “third way” for investment professions that differs from the Anglo-Saxon model of investment funds and from the “wealth” capitalism model of unearned income.

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Our organisation

As an engaged partner, we have a close relationship of trust with our community of 500 business leaders. That relationship is also thanks to the wide reach of our sites. With six offices in France and five abroad, our investors are at the heart of our companies’ ecosystems.

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Our governance

Crédit Mutuel Equity is home to all of the private equity activities of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, one of Europe’s most solid banking groups.

The stability of our capital allows us to make long-term commitments to work with business leaders, offering flexible timelines to fit their growth projects.

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