With a solid foothold in the Parisian area and in the North-Western part of France, Maisons Pierre has built a strong brand on a national scale. With the support of Crédit Mutuel Equity, the group is tightening its local network.

Founded in 1984 by Pierre Jude – still current CEO –, Maisons Pierre is a company building private houses. Based in Île-de-France, the group (T/O €150 million – 300 employees – 1,000 houses built each year) provides a comprehensive service, from finding a plot of land to delivering the house, with the assistance of loyal subcontractors in various professions.

Always one step ahead when it comes to developing its range of low-energy houses

Maisons Pierre was the first builder to provide houses in compliance with the RE 2020 regulation, even before its official effective date. It included notably an extremely efficient insulation system allowing for very low energy consumption. The company also provides additional solutions, including plant-based insulation, rainwater collectors and charging stations for electric cars. “Being always one step ahead when it comes to developing its range of low-energy houses is part of the company’s DNA.” explained Franck Chevreux, Principal for Crédit Mutuel Equity.

Opening new franchises

During a reorganisation of the group’s capital, Crédit Mutuel Equity decided to take a stake in the company, alongside its leader and management team, to assist them in their new expansion phase, while taking advantage of the current popularity of private houses, increased by the health crisis.

The roadmap notably includes an ambitious commercial development programme, centred around the opening of several franchises over the whole French territory. “This expansion is effectively supported by a full training plan and strong communication on a national scale,” analysed Franck Chevreux. “Besides, the executives, who are mainly shareholders, are very involved.

Maisons Pierre is also counting on the launch of its new range of contemporary houses, more spacious and high-end, to reach a new type of buyers.

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