With its status as a Mission-driven Company, Kea & Partners is committed to a “desirable” economy. To sustain the growth of this committed business, Crédit Mutuel Equity has created an innovative financial instrument: Sustainable Equity. First of its kind in France.

Created in 2001, the strategy consultancy Kea & Partners (TO €45 million, 180 consultants) assists the CEOs of large and mid-cap companies in their strategic, cultural, and technological transformations to help them meet challenges regarding growth, profitability, and sustainability. Relying on a strong sectoral expertise in fast-moving consumer goods, distribution, financial services, and industry, it centres its solutions around three pillars: responsible impact and transformation, innovation, and digital. Its business model is focused on the transmission of values, consultants taking a stake in the firm early on in their careers.

Kea & Partners’ ambition is to become the leading consultancy with European background in a sector dominated by Anglo-Saxon firms,” said Mélanie Salomez, Principal for Crédit Mutuel Equity. “With this goal in mind, the group raised €23 million equity with our support.

With a targeted external growth strategy, already materialised in June with the purchase of Arkos (consultancy specializing in the development of large-scale corporate transformation projects), it will expand its sectoral expertise and its fields of competence to reach €100 million in TO by 2026.

Assisting in corporate strategic transformation for a more sustainable world.

A shared commitment

The contribution made by Crédit Mutuel Equity was comprised in part of “sustainable equity”: its remuneration is indexed on Kea & Partners achieving its objectives as a Mission-driven Company. An unprecedented approach rewarding its ability to engage clients in responsible strategy. “This is our practical contribution to the virtuous approach of the firm, in which we fully believe, since our group, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, also has the status of Mission-driven Company.” explained Franck Thouroude, Director for Crédit Mutuel Equity.

We are proud to have found a partner who shares our belief regarding the central role that companies have to play in the development of a more sustainable world, who wishes to strengthen the French economic fabric, and respects our DNA,” commented Arnaud Gangloff, President of Kea & Partners.

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