By supporting an independent group of private hospitals, Crédit Mutuel Equity is fostering a model of multiregional care and patient proximity, for optimised treatment.

Did you know that the first French surgical clinic was founded in Amiens in 1897 by Victor Pauchet, one of the most prominent surgeons of the time? Today, the Groupe Santé Victor Pauchet, led by his great-grandson Stéphan de Butler d’Ormond, provides comprehensive healthcare services in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, nephrology, aftercare, rehabilitation treatment and home care. With the recent purchase of two clinics, Sainte-Isabelle in Abbeville and Sainte-Geneviève in Paris, from the Réunion-based group Clinifutur, the group will be able to expand its range of expertise and to strengthen its local network. This transaction is part of a strategic alliance with Clinifutur, with which Groupe Santé Victor Pauchet has collaborated for several years. Crédit Mutuel Equity is supporting with its own funds the development of Groupe Santé Victor Pauchet and becomes one of its shareholders, alongside Clinifutur and other long-standing partners: the de Butler family and the practicians of the group.

The new group is now comprised of 8 healthcare facilities, meaning 680 beds and spaces, 320 private doctors and 800 employees, who care for over 50,000 patients each year.

Innovation and care quality in service of patients

Care quality and our local mission of public healthcare are our top priorities,” said Stéphan de Butler d’Ormond. “By increasing our size, we can invest in innovation and in the structuring of our services to provide better quality and sustainability.

Care quality and our local mission of public healthcare are our top priorities

One of the challenges facing the group is being attractive for practicians. By pooling equipment from clinics in Abbeville and Amiens and by fostering practicians’ mobility, the group will be able to offer them a more efficient work environment, while better satisfying the needs of the people in Abbeville.

Relying on its notoriety and capacity to provide diversified healthcare services in the Somme department – alongside Amiens university hospital –, the group is also counting on public/private partnerships for optimal patient treatment on the territory.

Defending french healthcare independence

For Stéphan de Butler d’Ormond, another challenge is to preserve independent, 100% French, healthcare services. “We have chosen Crédit Mutuel Equity as our partner, because it belongs to a mutualist group with French capital, involved in the future of regional players. It has implemented a real CSR policy, shares our values for excellence and understands our purpose,” he explained.

In the private healthcare sector, which is centred around three main players, the proximity model can work, as long as it reaches a critical size and develops synergies within the same healthcare area,” said Mathieu Sollet, Principal for Crédit Mutuel Equity.

Crédit Mutuel Equity analyses trends on the Healthcare market through its Sectoral Expertise Centre. The issue of medical deserts and the risks they might generate, should no investment be made to improve patient care, is one of the key topics being studied.

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