This capital reorganisation will enable the family branch, led by Laurent Bataille, the group’s Chairman, to strengthen its capital and tighten the circle of family shareholders. Led by Crédit Mutuel Equity, the transaction will also strengthen the financial resources of the group, in order to carry out a targeted external growth policy in complementary technological sectors. While the regional investor, Picardie Investissement, who has been supporting the company for over 30 years, will remain an investor, the FE2T fund (Fonds Entrepreneurial Territorial de Transformation), managed by IRD Gestion, will take a stake in the capital with its first investment.

Founded by Georges Bataille in 1930, Poclain has been synonymous with hydraulic motors since 1985. This is when the Bataille family bought out the company Poclain Hydraulics and ensured its development to create the Poclain group, in which it retains a controlling stake. This family-run midsize company located in Oise (60) specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of hydraulic motors, pumps and other hydraulic components for non-road mobile machinery. Generating over €400m in turnover, the group employs 2500 people in 20 different countries, boasts 9 factories, 21 business subsidiaries and 8 research centres. It is the market leader and aims to continue its expansion by capitalising on its significant research undertaking and its renowned technological expertise - indeed, Poclain dedicates, on average, 7% of its turnover to R&D to develop innovative solutions for the new models developed by its manufacturer customers.

The Poclain group is, in this respect, resolutely committed to a development and strategic transformation plan, which aims to increase its market share and better meet the challenges of tomorrow: increasing electrification of equipment, developing connectivity within hydraulic systems (IoT, data), developing related services, reducing their environmental impact, etc.

Poclain is also highly committed to CSR, and has been for several years. This can be seen through initiatives such as its employees always having held a significant share in the company’s capital through an FCPE (Collective Employee Shareholding Plan), a vocational training plan for its employees and partners and highly developed corporate governance. Based on its four strategic pillars which are People, Innovation, Independence and a Global Outlook, the group is committed to four of the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. In this respect, Poclain has begun a shift towards electric mobility and this year aims to offer zero carbon solutions and retain its position as a technological leader in the transmission market.

Crédit Mutuel Equity and the Poclain group go a long way back. Crédit Mutuel Equity first took a stake in Poclain in 1998, when the group only generated a turnover of €94m and supported it until 2010. Over this period, the group developed significantly through organic growth and also through external growth, generating almost €200m in turnover.

The Bataille family’s vision for the company is that of an industrial, technological, international and innovative company, a market leader, renowned and appreciated by its customers for its ability to offer and implement adapted, controlled and high-performance solutions. Putting this vision into practice is based on human values that can only been seen and embodied in a long-standing family company. By working with Crédit Mutuel Equity, Picardie Investissement and FE2T, we have found partners that share this vision to support us in implementing it”, explained Laurent Bataille, CEO of the Poclain group.

We are fully committed to the roadmap drawn up by the Bataille family, whose application is the responsibility of Frédéric Michelland, the group’s Managing Director, the management team and all employees. Poclain’s added value is its ability to offer leading equipment manufacturers a comprehensive, sustainable and modular solution, based on current hydraulic technology. Perfect mastery of machine applications is a key asset for switching to electric mobility and a real opportunity for Poclain”, concluded Philippe Traisnel, Executive Director at Crédit Mutuel Equity.

  • Crédit Mutuel Equity: Philippe Traisnel, Jérôme Geney, Amaury Leleu, Matthieu Anorga, Noémie Blervaque, Louis Mehl.
  • Picardie Investissement: Gil Forteguerre, Nicolas Blanquet.
  • FE2T: Laurent Deswarte, Arnaud Wolak
  • Experts
  • M&A consulting for Crédit Mutuel Equity: CIC Conseil (Amélie Aurel, Antoine Chevreau, Pierre-Jean Leny)
  • Crédit Mutuel Equity Lawyer;: Agilys Conseil (Baptiste Bellone, Madalina Suru, Sophie Auvergne).
  • Picardie Investissement undFE2T Lawyer: Lamartine Conseil (Fabien Mauvais)
  • Strategic audit: Advancy (Frédéric Duclos, Rémi Cornubert, Florent Chapuis).
  • Financial audit for Crédit Mutuel Equity: Deloitte (Xavier Baron, Victor Spriet)
  • Financial audit for Picardie Investissement and FE2T : Repère Groupe (Julien Trélhu)
  • Laurent Bataille, CEO
  • Experts
  • M&A consulting for Poclain:
    Barber Hauler (Pascal Hervé, Damien Langlois).
  • Lawyer for the Bataille Family Group:
    Stéphane Sabatier
  • Lawyer for the transferors:
    PJM & associés (Benoit Marpeau, Camille Blaise).

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