Neobrain, a SaaS solution for HR skills management powered by AI and Big Data, has just raised a €20 million Series A round - a record for the French HR tech sector. This round of financing, led by Alter Equity, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, XAnge (operating on behalf of La Poste Ventures) and followed by Neobrain’s historical investor, Breega, will enable Neobrain to expand its HR offering and accelerate its deployment in France and abroad.

Neobrain: experiencing hyper growth since inception

Founded in 2018 by Paul Courtaud, Neobrain is developing a platform that enables companies to anticipate changes in job roles and enhance the skills and motivation of their employees. In just four years, more than 80 major accounts and over 300,000 employees have adopted Neobrain.

Companies such as Bosch, Natixis, Edenred, Apfa, Sage, Promod, etc. rely on Neobrain to better identify their current and future skills requirements and to respond with appropriate HR strategies. Employees benefit from personalised monitoring, enabling them to objectify their skills and to orient themselves towards training or new jobs within the company.

Thanks to the relevance of its service, its AI technology and an unparalleled user experience, the company is growing exponentially with a turnover that has tripled every year since 2019, and a team that has grown from 15 to 80 people.

"In an environment where the competition for talents is increasingly fierce, organisations must now, more than ever,leverage and grow the skills of their workforce to improve employee retention," says Paul Courtaud, CEO of Neobrain.

"Thanks to this second round of funding, we will be able to better support companies by helping them to hire and develop talent".

Financing to fuel Neobrain’s international expansion

Designed from the outset for international use, the solution analyses data from several million job offers in 50 countries on a daily basis to predict job market trends. This latest funding will allow Neobrain, currently present in France and Portugal, to accelerate its international expansion.

"We launched our subsidiary in Portugal in 2019. The international expansion we are planning for the coming months will take place on a much larger scale. With the acceleration of our activity in 2021, we have acquired the necessary knowledge and experience to adapt and move forward ever faster!", explains Paul Courtaud, CEO of Neobrain.

40% of the amount raised devoted to R&D

Recognised as a true European AI lab and research centre, Neobrain will devote 40% of its funding to further developing its technology allowing HR departments to better support their employees and improve the performance of their organisations. Developments will be focused on four key areas:

  • Providing managers with the necessary tools to help them develop their team’s skills and identifying internal talent;
  • Strengthening company resilience by investing in strategic workforce planning that will enable HR teams to simulate the impact of strategic HR decisions on their teams;
  • Providing dynamic visibility of available skills and associated motivations to meet the strategic challenges of organisations;
  • Facilitating the match between the supply and demand of internal skills with the Talent Marketplace system to consolidate the versatility of teams and optimise each internal skill.

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