Lyon, 14 June 2022 - As part of the tertiary LBO of the HASAP group, Bpifrance is investing in the capital of the company, alongside Crédit Mutuel Equity to support Pierre Haesebrouck, the Founder-Director. A key player in the high-end and luxury fixtures and fittings sector, with 6 Design Agencies, HASAP has generated 70 million euros in turnover and boasts over 200 employees.

The HASAP group was founded as a result of the takeover of SAGA Agencement and Suscillon by Pierre Haesebrouck in 2006, with the support of Crédit Mutuel Equity. Following that, the group continued to develop through external growth transactions (acquisition of CBA Montagne in 2010, Burie in 2014 and AMC3 in 2020), in addition to its organic growth through the creation of new business activities, including in the All Building Trades sector via the creation of Insight TCE in 2013. With a turnover of over €70m, HASAP is now one of the leaders in bespoke fixtures and fittings in France.
Well-established in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, the group operates in the high-end and luxury fixtures and fittings sector, focussing on the tertiary market  - high-end hotels, managed residential accommodation and public access buildings, not forgetting private customers, for their chalets and luxury homes. The group’s 6 Design Agencies’ achievements include Chanel’s headquarters in Paris, the Cheval Blanc ***** luxury hotel, the Château de la Messardière in Saint-Tropez and the headquarters of the Île-de-France Region.

This transaction, led by Bpifrance’s Wood and Eco-Materials Fund has provided liquidity to the capital invested by Crédit Mutuel Equity, which wanted to take part in the new transaction alongside Pierre Haesebrouck and his management team, who have strengthened their capital position at the same time.

This roll-over by Crédit Mutuel Equity demonstrates its renewed confidence in the group, as is the case with the return of other long-standing banking partners in the financing of the LBO debt. With fresh resources, HASAP is on a good footing to continue its development strategy and seize new external growth opportunities, while investing more in production.

16 years after the HASAP group was founded, I’m delighted to welcome the Wood and Eco-Materials Fund’s investment in our capital. This transaction presents numerous advantages: it is a testament to the day-to-day work of the directors who manage and lead our 6 Agencies through a significant stake in the group’s capital. It gives us the resources to continue our investment efforts to innovate our products and organisation, and to rise to the challenge of the shortage of qualified human resources for our high-end business activities. By continuing our capital partnership with Crédit Mutuel Equity, and the financing of the LBO debt by the group of banks that have been supporting us for over 10 years, we have demonstrated our commitment to the values of loyalty and continuity” , explained Pierre Haesebrouck, Chairman of the HASAP group.

We are delighted to support HASAP and its founder, Pierre Haesebrouck, the emblematic director, who is highly involved in the sector through his position at CODIFAB and the French Chamber of Fixtures and Fittings (Chambre Française de l'Agencement). HASAP is the Wood and Eco-Materials Fund’s sixth investment. Through its investments, our fund aims to support key players in the sector over the long term, such as HASAP, which promotes French wood - both panels and solid wood. We are also very aware of the group’s social and employer brand strategy”, added Vanessa Giraud, Director of the Wood and Eco-Materials Fund and Anne-Sophie Serre, Director of Shareholdings at Bpifrance.

Crédit Mutuel Equity is delighted to continue supporting HASAP and Pierre Haesebrouck in its development with its six “Agencies”. We are particularly proud of the values that Pierre Haesebrouck shares with his teams in terms of quality and excellence”, declared Agnès Tixier, Executive Director at Crédit Mutuel Equity, and Denis Dalmais, Director.

  • Bpifrance Investissement
  • Anne-Sophie Serre, Director of Shareholdings
    Quentin Palvadeau, Investment Manager
    Sylvain Jottreau, Junior Investment Manager
  • Crédit Mutuel Equity
  • Agnès Tixier, Executive Director
    Denis Dalmais, Director
    Simon Rolland, Business Manager
  • Investor Experts
  • Financial Due Diligence: Crowe HAF (Thomas Corbineau, Julien Latrubesse, Simon Le Rouzic)
  • Legal, social security and tax consulting and due diligence:
    UGGC (Charles-Emmanuel Prieur, Laura Malach, Rebecca El Hakim, Laurie Durand), Duteil Avocats (David Merlet)
  • Insurance: Delta Assurance (Pierre Fabre, Remi Berziat)
  • Pierre Haesebrouck, Chairman
    Stéphane Colombier, Hazco (group director holding company)
  • Experts:
  • Company Experts:
  • Legal consulting: Albers & Albert (Suzanne Decobecq, Pauline Devillard)
  • Hedging consulting: Kerius Finance (Sébastien Rouzaire, Solal Huard, Aloïs Fagnon, Marion Dondin)
  • Banks:
  • Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes : Aurélie Brajon, Cédric Pinet, Florence Marechal, David Coulon
    CIC Lyonnaise de Banque : Pascaline Morel, Norbert Nokobza
    Crédit Agricole Centre-Est : Paul Bajn, Karine Marie

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