Crédit Mutuel Equity reinvested in CF Group and increased its minority shareholding in the company. Based in Wendlingen am Neckar in Germany, CF Group is one of the largest European companies specialising in swimming pools. Crédit Mutuel Equity holds a stake in the company since late 2019.

CF Group was born from the merger, in 2019, of the German company Chemoform AG with the French group FIJA. The transaction was made with the support of Crédit Mutuel Equity, which took a stake in the newly created group during this fusion. Since then, CF Group has purchased three other firms, notably by taking a majority stake in the company Dr. Nüsken Chemie GmbH, where it already was a minority shareholder.

Sébastien Neiss, Managing Director of Crédit Mutuel Equity in Germany, commented: "We only invest our own equity coming from the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale balance sheet, so we are free to use the proceeds from the divestment of companies in the portfolio. Every year, we reinvest around a third of this capital in our portfolio companies, which includes over 330 businesses. And we use the rest for new transactions. Using our own equity offers us great flexibility: we are able to support companies according to timeframes that suit their projects, while still generating value for all the stakeholders, managers, shareholders, and employees. For this reason, it is worthwhile to invest during challenging stages, as well as when the growth prospects are particularly positive, for instance with external growth projects. Ever since we became shareholders, CF Group has remarkably and successfully expanded, and future prospects are very good. With this reinvestment, we wish to help increase the potential long-term development of the company.

Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, CEO of Chemoform AG, added: "For several years, we have been pursuing a growth strategy of expanding into new markets or distribution channels through the purchase of complementary companies or long-term partners. So, having the financial strength and Mergers & Acquisitions know-how of an active minority shareholder, experienced in this type of processes, is a great help to us. We make faster decisions and are more professional in our acquisitions, and we can keep a strong private equity ratio, even during ambitious growth projects.

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