Crédit Mutuel Equity, the French leader for direct investments with bank capital, has invested CHF 30 million in aventron Ltd. through its Swiss subsidiary. The investment is part of aventron Ltd.'s recent capital increase of CHF 55,2 million and gives Crédit Mutuel Equity a stake of 5,8%.

aventron Ltd., based in Münchenstein (Canton of Basel-Land), is a producer of green energy from hydro, wind and solar power. The company is pursuing a diversification strategy based on three technologies (solar PV -, onshore wind - and small hydro power) and six countries (Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Norway). At the end of 2019, aventron had an installed capacity of 545 megawatts (MW) and generated annual revenues of CHF 102,5 million. aventron seeks to maintain its strong position as the third-largest green power producer in Switzerland (solar, wind and small hydro) and to join the ranks of the leading European green power producers by establishing a fully balanced and diversified portfolio of renewable energy assets with a total installed capacity of 1'000 MW. Extensive industry experience and a network of strategic partners guarantee the project pipeline. Typical acquisition projects involve power plants with a capacity of 200 kW to 50 MW.

Antoine Millioud, the CEO of aventron Ltd., is pleased about the successful capital raising : « aventron is pursuing a targeted and balanced growth strategy in the field of renewable energy production, focusing on hydro, wind and solar power. The capital raising is a clear sign of trust in the development and the strategy of aventron. We are delighted to be working alongside Crédit Mutuel Equity, a strong institutional investor who will help us consistently pursue our strategy ».

Thomas Bitzi, Investment Director at Crédit Mutuel Equity in Zurich, states : « This investment is a unique opportunity to support a company that combines growth, resilience and high quality assets in several European countries, and is working on a daily basis to promote a future based on sustainable energy. aventron's management team enjoys a sound reputation and has a proven track record, both in terms of operations and acquisitions. aventron is in an excellent position to seize any opportunities as the renewable energies market develops ».

Fabienne Mazières, Crédit Mutuel Equity's CEO in Switzerland, adds : « We are delighted to have the opportunity to support aventron in executing on its ambitious growth plans. They fit in well with the philosophy of Crédit Mutuel Equity, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Group, which is extending its support to the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors. We are aware of the benefits that these investments bring to society. This type of partnership fits well with our long-term investment horizon, throughout which we work actively alongside management ».

The Crédit Mutuel Equity team in Switzerland, with offices in Zurich and Geneva, has been active since the end of 2016. It has established excellent relationships with entrepreneurs and family-owned companies. The current investment portfolio in Switzerland covers sectors such as consumer goods, healthcare, capital goods and construction supply.

Crédit Mutuel Equity Switzerland
  • Thomas Bitzi, Investment Director
  • Fabienne Mazières, CEO
  • Pauline Laurent, Associate

Advisors for Crédit Mutuel Equity

  • Legal : Walder Wyss AG, Zurich
  • Luc Defferrard, Dimitrios Berger
  • Financial : Deloitte AG, Zurich / Geneva Chris Tattersall, Benjamin Morin
  • Strategy : Deloitte AG, Zurich / Geneva
  • Technology : Natural Power Consultants, Paris / London
  • Giles Dearden, Hannah Staab
Aventron AG
  • Antoine Millioud, CEO
  • Bernhard Furrer, CFO

Advisors for aventron AGAG

  • Legal : Kellerhals Carrard, Zurich / Bern Beat Brechbühl, Reto Schumacher

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